February 2003

Starting Over

California finds itself at the core of a debate over centralization vs. decentralization as the state attempts to rebuild its IT management structure.

Living Dangerously

The worst fiscal crisis since World War II has put state IT policies in sharp relief, leaving CIOs with little room to maneuver.

Taking the Lead

Fundamentals, teamwork and executive support characterize the 2002 Digital Cities winners.

Lost Signals

How poor communication and other nontechnical issues hampered Arkansas' innovative statewide ERP implementation.

Point of View

Point of View

Fickle Winds of Change

CIO Profile

CIO Profile

Jack Hupper, CIO, New York City Law Department


Breaking New Ground

The No Child Left Behind Act means huge changes in school data collection and reporting; some states are making diverse systems work together.


Privacy: A Civilized Luxury

The Next Vital Public Conversation


ERP of a Different Color

While Arkansas' ERP implementation got plenty of bad press, Pennsylvania's Imagine PA seems to be cruising along smoothly. What's the difference?



Mapping government IT

Electronic Government

Power Users

Sophisticated software helps Los Angeles County and the state of California cut energy consumption in government facilities.

Product News

Product News

Micro Solutions Inc., GeoSpatial Experts, webMethods Inc., Premier Electronics


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT Horizon