Past Issues of Government Technology

February 2004

Balancing Act

State and local governments agree the Department of Homeland Security's disbursement of homeland funds was inadequate, but they disagree on a solution.

The Open Road

Massachusetts drafts a statewide policy to move toward open standards in the government enterprise.

Joseph Stiglitz: Globalization and the Search for Balance

Joseph Stiglitz: Globalization and the Search for Balance


The Value of X

Exchange points shaped and sized for government.



Mapping government IT

Geo Info

Work in Progress

Tampa, Fla., gives citizens easy access to neighborhood statistics on the Web.

Point of View

They Never Forget

They Never Forget

Product News

Product News

PLUS Vision Corp., Research In Motion, IBM, Logitech


When It Rains ...

Florida's Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District uses telemetry to monitor storm water.


GT Spectrum

GT Spectrum


Scheduling Savings

Though the federal government's giant IT cooperative purchasing program is finally open to state and local governments, using it is proving harder than originally thought.

CIO Profile

Leroy Williams

CIO of Colorado


The Portland Connection

Portland's police and parole/probation departments now share information when a police officer stops someone on probation or parole.

Local Government

Do-It-Yourself Kiosks

New York City's Department of Probation replaced their expensive kiosks with cheaper, more effective ones.