January 1996

Emerging IT Solutions Give States a New Chance

Department of revenue in every state must contend with massive amounts of paper and multiple transaction. Many are now trying a revenue management system to ease operations.

Local Government Technology Survey Released

Local governments have more computers, LANs,

Information-Age Kevlar

When two officers knocked on the door, information saved their lives.

Justice & Technology

Courts Clear Paper Jam

Riverside, Calif., developed a new weapon for battling its court's paper monster.





La Plaza Network Helps Taos

Suffering from isolation and a low standard of living, a small community in New Mexico discovered new opportunities through a community network.

Point of View

Point of View

"Once one of these bureaucracies or programs comes into existence, it's got more lives than Freddy Krueger, since you can never kill it off without political cost."

Geo Info

GIS in Fort Worth¹s Future

Fort Worth is developing a public access GIS to provide vital information to local citizens and businesses.


A Taxing Situation

Imaging technology -- which can read, store and retrieve tax documents as electronic images -- is increasing tax-processing efficiency and helping generate much-needed revenue.

Product Focus

Windows 95 - A New Ballgame?

The release of Windows 95 was a long-awaited event -- but what are the pros and cons of Microsoft's newest product?


Best of the Web

The first

Department of De-Engineering

Department of De-engineering

Department of De-engineering


Albert Vann

Assemblyman Albert Vann, who represents a Brooklyn district in the New York Legislature, chairs the Corporations, Authorities and Commissions Committee. The standing committee has jurisdiction over telecommunications issues, which gives Vann the opportunity to push for access to the emerging information infrastructure for inner city and rural residents.

Product News

Product News

Product News