January 1997

Can Governments Get Along?

Intergovernmental IT projects are supposed to bring in better economies of scale and deliver improved services to citizens. So why are these projects taking so long to succeed?

Federal, State and Local Agencies Share Telecenters

All levels of government are not only learning to work together to bring changes in the worlplace, but are sharing experiences on how to successfully implement telecommuting programs.


National Technology Snapshot

National Technology Snapshot

Justice & Technology

How to Improve Court Efficiency

Education and standards are needed to effectively apply computer technology to courts.

Erased Files Often Aren't

You've erased the disk with DOS commands, so why is your informant database still there?

Notes from the Field

Notes From the Field

Notes From the Field


Wireless Prison Canteen

A new cashless system automates Florida prison canteen services.

Geo Info

CAD Provides Hurricane Relief

A dispatch management system is helping Wilmington, N.C., expedite 911 calls with maximum speed and accuracy.


Documenting the Tax Byte

State revenue agencies step up their use of imaging



The 1996 amendments to FOIA mark the first congressional recognition that rights of access to government information must change to keep up with technological advances

Product Focus

Government Selects the Familiar

Government Selects the Familiar


League of Cities Links Members

Realizing their old BBS was no longer effective, the League of California Cities launched a state-of-the-art Web site.

Product News

Product News

Product News


William Greider

William Greider is an award-winning author and reporter who has covered politics from the nation's capitol for more than 30 years. His best-selling books include "Secrets of the Temple" -- on the inner workings of the Federal Reserve -- and "Who Will Tell The People: The Betrayal of American Democracy," an eye-opening and tough-minded account of how accountability and responsibility have decayed in the American political system.