PAST ISSUES / January 1999

The Disappearing Data Center: Government Consolidates Big Iron

The number of data centers in state and local government is shrinking rapidly, but that doesn't mean the days of mainframe computing are over.


Q: What will be the most imporant issues, technologies and changes that will occur in your jurisdiction or field in 1999?

Geo Info

A CAST of Millions (of bytes of data)

The University of Arkansas' Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies builds an advanced spatial-data warehouse.

Product News

Product News

Product News


Giving the Telecosm

Giving the Telecosm

Last Bytes

Department of De-engineering

Mad Science Project Hijacks Telecom Network


John B. Kelly

John B. Kelly was appointed state CIO and the first


Long Arms of the Law

The law -- local, state, federal and international -- reached into every corner of Internet technology in 1998, occasionally coming to curious or conflicting conclusions.

Sleepless, but Civic, in Seattle

King County makes access to information and public interaction a 'round-the-clock affair.


PCs and the Productivity Paradox

Computers let us work faster, sure, but they

Privileged Information

Governments sometimes make


National Technology Snapshot

A round-up of information technology


Private Solutions for Public Commerce

Don't have the time or talent to build your own

Local Government

PCs: Quality Up, Cost Down

PCs: Quality Up, Cost Down