January 1999

The Disappearing Data Center: Government Consolidates Big Iron

The number of data centers in state and local government is shrinking rapidly, but that doesn't mean the days of mainframe computing are over.


Q: What will be the most imporant issues, technologies and changes that will occur in your jurisdiction or field in 1999?


National Technology Snapshot

A round-up of information technology

Local Government

PCs: Quality Up, Cost Down

PCs: Quality Up, Cost Down


Directory Service Slugfest

Networking heavyweights Novell and Microsoft square off. At stake may be domination of corporate networks in the next century.

Geo Info

A CAST of Millions (of bytes of data)

The University of Arkansas' Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies builds an advanced spatial-data warehouse.


PCs and the Productivity Paradox

Computers let us work faster, sure, but they

Privileged Information

Governments sometimes make


Private Solutions for Public Commerce

Don't have the time or talent to build your own


John B. Kelly

John B. Kelly was appointed state CIO and the first

Last Bytes

Department of De-engineering

Mad Science Project Hijacks Telecom Network


Long Arms of the Law

The law -- local, state, federal and international -- reached into every corner of Internet technology in 1998, occasionally coming to curious or conflicting conclusions.

Sleepless, but Civic, in Seattle

King County makes access to information and public interaction a 'round-the-clock affair.


Giving the Telecosm

Giving the Telecosm

Product News

Product News

Product News