January 2002

Hands Across the IT Borders

Governments find they need each other in a post-September world.

New Digital Leaders Emerge

States have recognized the value of electronic government and their commitment shows as their scores rise.

Uncharted Waters

The country's worst terrorist attacks have changed the nature of business in many states.

In The Spotlight

As America faces the challenge of homeland security and information management, the models developed by states may play a critical national role.


Bucking the System

Defying prevailing wisdom, Arizona is developing a unique electronic system to manage complex contract and bid solicitation processes.

Procurement Hits Some Snags

Although electronic procurement offers valuable benefits, problems persist.


Reinventing the FBI

Following the terrorist attacks, the FBI scrambles to put its IT program on the fast track.

Point of View

An Era Of Cooperation And Tolerance

An Era Of Cooperation And Tolerance

CIO Profile

CIO Profile

Dennis P. Fecci

Geo Info

Helping Hands

GIS played a critical role in the aftermath of September's terrorist attacks.


The End of an Annual Headache

Corporations now have an easier way to take care of business in Massachusetts thanks to the commonwealth's new online filing system.

Social Services

Electronic Empowerment

Growing child support caseloads and fewer resources has led some states to begin using the Internet for service delivery and case management.


Bills for Skills

Riverside County, Calif., ups the ante to attract and keep quality staff.



Mapping Government IT

Electronic Government

Pulling IT Together

Agencies take an integrated approach to service delivery.


Government Technology Spectrum

Government Technology Spectrum