January 2003

Dynamic Duo

Virginia governor and technology secretary bring private-sector savvy to government service.

The Price of Progress?

As technology continues to proliferate in government, so do problems with worker health.

Critical Strategies

Lack of national strategy forces a fractured approach to critical infrastructure protection.


Digital Detective

FRED helps investigators find electronic needles buried in PC haystacks.

Point of View

Point of View

Putting a positive spin on a new year.

CIO Profile

CIO Profile: Don Allen

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Geo Info

Big Picture

Satellite images help Prescott, Ariz., assess fire damage and prepare for the next disaster.


'Much Worse than Expected'

Predictable headlines coming soon to a newspaper near you.


Internet Fuels New Gas Tax System

New online service in Idaho simplifies interstate fuel-tax filing for truckers and state tax agencies.

Electronic Government

Positive ID

North Carolina identity management system improves security, saves money and promotes citizen self-service.

Alaska Breaks New Ground

Comprehensive telecom partnership overcomes organizational and geographic obstacles.

Putting the 'E' in Elections

November ballots mark the most widespread use of electronic voting technology ever.



Reports from the IT Horizon

Product News

Product News

Fujitsu Components America, Asynchrony Solutions, Research in Motion, STORServer