Past Issues of Government Technology

January 2004

The Odd Couple

Conservative senator and liberal CIO forge alliance to overhaul Wisconsin IT policy.

Squeeze Play

More and more states look at consolidation to minimize IT spending and get the most out of scarce resources.

Point Guard

California National Guard forms a partnership with Ukraine and scores big on the diplomatic and humanitarian courts.

And the Winners Are ...

The Center for Digital Government announces the 2003 Best of the Web and Digital Legislatures Survey winners.


Deliberative and Digital

It is the legislature's turn.



Mapping government IT

Geo Info

After the Flood

An accurate GIS database of flood hazards could save North Carolina taxpayers millions in disaster aid.

Electronic Government

Out and About Service

A handful of governments bring one-stop shopping to a new level.

Utah Means Business

Registering a new business in Utah now takes hours rather than months.

Point of View

This Act Is Good for the State

This Act Is Good for the State

Product News

Product News

NetworkAnatomy, Olixir Technologies, CompuLaw, WinGuides


Desert Discourse

The Center for Digital Government's second annual meeting on public leadership yielded more than its share of provocative ideas.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon


The Verdict: Success

Travis County, Texas puts jury summonses online and generates high adoption rates.