January 2009

Assessing Obama's Impact on State and Local Government Technology

Obama administration promises national CTO and may boost IT infrastructure funding.

Technology May Play Key Role in Obama Infrastructure Plan

Next-generation networks, broadband and cyber-security could get more attention for new administration.

CIOs Try New Methods for Retaining and Attracting Qualified Workers

As the government work force ages, CIOs use internships, Second Life to find new workers.

Washington Uses Web to Ease Voter Registration

Citizens can register to vote online, print voter-registration forms in several languages and view personalized information.


Governments use Twitter for Emergency Alerts, Traffic Notices and More

Agencies help move free microblogging service beyond social media novelty.

Big Picture

Retinal Scanner helps U.S. Army Verify Identities

HIIDE device stores biometric profiles.

Point of View

Opinion: Technology Shouldn't Dehumanize Customer Service

A trip to the airport underscores the downside of automation.

CIO Profile

Ken Theis, Michigan CIO, Looks to Cross Boundaries

State and local cooperation is crucial in economic downturn, Theis says.

Green Technology

Solar Map Helps San Francisco Residents Plan Solar Power Installations

Solar maps let citizens investigate their home's solar potential and learn about local installations.


Opinion: Five Thoughts for 2009

Digital investments are key to nation's future.

Electronic Government

Bond Tracking Tool Helps Citizens Follow Funding

GIS-based Web tool lets citizens view funding and project status in California.

On the Scene

Emergency Managers Warned of Terror Risk

GIS technology helps Georgia city control mosquitoes.

Product News

Products from Hoverit, Nikon, Garmin, ARCHOS, Nanda Home, Junyi Heo

Floating lounge chair, digital camera, GPS navigator, media tablet, clock radio, digital plant pot.