January 2010

Portland, Ore.'s Citywide ERP Shows They Don't Come Easy

The challenges and rewards of implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) are exemplified in Portland, Ore.'s quest to replace decades-old technology.

Houston's My City Consolidates GIS Data from City Agencies

Enterprise GIS makes more accurate maps available to citizens and city departments.

The Network Neutrality Debate Is far From Over

Recent FCC moves to regulate the Internet leaves Internet service providers wanting more control.


Is the Federal Government's Defined Speed for Broadband Too Slow?

Advocates of higher minimum broadband speeds say the National Broadband Plan may not be fast enough for citizens.

Point of View

Results-Only Work Environment Focuses on Quality Results, not Hours Worked (Opinion)

Worker productivity could improve when based on actual results instead of time worked.


Salt Lake County, Utah, Video Campaign Urges Residents to Improve Their Health

Utah county's health department promotes citizen fitness on YouTube, Facebook.

CIO Profile

Nebraska CIO Brenda Decker Talks About State's Transparency Web Site

Nebraska also encourages citizen input with Facebook, Twitter.

Green Technology

Solar-Powered Self-Compacting Trash Bins Save City Labor, Fuel

Pasadena, Calif., expects to save $61,400 annually in reduced labor and fuel through the use of 52 specialized trash cans that automatically compact waste.


New Year's Resolutions for Zombie Governments (Opinion)

'Aging funk' among politicians and government agencies, as well as zombie programs, demand a good housecleaning.


Mysterious Laptops Appear in Several Governors' Offices

Officials concerned that unsolicited computers contained malware.

Product News

New Products from Plastic Logic, Pantech, Panasonic

E-book reader, smartphone, digital video system