January 2011

Smart Highways, Smarter Drivers

Seattle launches one of the nation's first Active Traffic Management systems. The technology is designed to help drivers both avoid existing traffic congestion prevent future congestion from forming.

Public Agencies Use Business Analytics to Improve Performance and Boost Transparency

Virginia and Miami-Dade County are among agencies using analytics to improve services.


TV Search Engine Monitors Mentions of Local Government Agencies

Governments monitor TV coverage of their agencies from their desktops using a TV search engine called the SnapStream Server.


New Products from Acer, Logitech, Smartfish Technologies

All-in-one desktop, wireless solar keyboard, notebook laser mouse

Gov 2020

What Does the Future State and Local Public-Sector Scene Look Like? (Opinion)

Key issues facing the next generation of government.

Point of View

2011: 4G Technology Set to Change the Work Force (Opinion)

New CIOs also poised to shake up government.


Preparedness Video Game Seeks to Combine Fun, Learning for Illinois Students

Video game fills educational gap and adds another layer to Illinois’ efforts to teach the state’s youth about disaster preparedness.


Pet Poop Fueling City Park Light, Sparks Conversation

Science and art meet to provide alternative waste disposal method, which in turn is powering a gas-burning lamppost.

Securing GridSpace

Securing the North American Electric Grid (Opinion)

Cyber-security issues surrounding the electric grid.

Public Safety

Houston Website Solicits Anonymous Tips About Gangs

StopHoustonGangs.org also improves data exchange among public safety agencies.

Michigan Expands Video Conferencing in Prisons

Video conferencing allows Michigan prisoners to attend hearings remotely. State court system to come onboard next.


'Bridge in a Backpack' Could Help Crumbling U.S. Infrastructure

A bridge-building method developed by the University of Maine uses lightweight carbon tubes to make arches as strong as steel.


San Diego County Modernizes Housing Caseworkers’ Travel Routes

When San Diego County implemented GPS routing for its caseworkers who inspect low-income housing, the benefits were plentiful and immediate.


IT Trends: Vancouver Police Department Launches Twitter Account

What smartphone apps are people using?