January 2012

Dick Clark, former CIO, Montana

Shared and Regional Services Are on the Rise

The Great Recession forces government IT leaders to take another look at shared services and contracting.

Texas Rolls Out TIERS Eligibility System After 8-Year Transition

Texas’ food stamp, Medicaid, employment training and other systems up and running statewide after an eight-year stall.

Governments Retrofit Buildings to Save Money and Energy

California DMV expects to boost energy efficiency by 50 percent by retrofitting headquarters.

Four Questions

Minnesota County Uses Redesigned Website to Involve Citizens

Stearns County encourages interaction and feedback from residents.


‘Drive-By’ Thermal Imaging Quantifies Energy Loss

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers develop mobile scanning process that identifies savings from correcting heat loss in buildings.

Desert Regions Reap the Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar power facilities built in the deserts of Arizona and Southern California hope to add jobs and clean energy.


New Products From Motorola, Just Think Design, Velocity Micro

Rugged smartphone, tablet stylus, workstation

Gov 2020

What Would You Do With $100 Million?

Contest challenges students to imagine how the federal government could best use $100 million.

Point of View

Resolution: Make Govtech.com an Online Community

Our goal in 2012 is to help government collaborate and exchange ideas.

Case Studies

Minnesota Cities Identify Sustainable Practices With GreenStep Cities Program

The Minnesota GreenStep Cities program helps municipalities become more ecologically aware.

Indiana Saves Millions on Do-It-Yourself Application Rebuild

Faced with modernizing a vital project management system, the Indiana Department of Transportation leaned heavily on existing staff.

Florida Permitting System Comes Out of Shell Thanks to Tortoise

Florida developed a permitting system to help protect gopher tortoises — and ended up stopping siloed applications.

Public Safety

More 911 Call Systems Update to VoIP

VoIP technology brings portability and cost savings to 911 call centers, making it the top choice for system replacement.

Webcams Connect TB Patients to Public Clinic for Treatment Compliance

With one of the highest infection rates of tuberculosis in the country, King County, Wash., is enlisting technology to ensure that patients take their medication.