January 2013

Using Social Media to Enhance Situational Awareness

Listening to relevant posts from the public on social media platforms helps governments drive action and respond to emergencies.

What's Next After Obama's Re-Election?

President Obama’s re-election clarifies the future of health IT, the Affordable Care Act and other key initiatives.

Finding the Next Facebook

Five up-and-coming social media sites and applications government should keep an eye on.


9 Ways to Optimize E-Commerce Strategies

Ideas from Christmas shopping that government can adopt to increase revenue.

Four Questions

Vennard Wright Reimagines Prince George’s County

Prince George’s County, Md., appoints former tech director of Friends With Hillary as its CIO.


Big Data Takes on Chronic Disease

Louisville, Ky., launches a pilot to identify and treat asthma hotspots.

Interactive Website Explores History of Universe

ChronoZoom chronicles nearly 14 billion years of history in an easily digestible format.


3 Technology Issues to Ponder in 2013

Cybersecurity, drones and identity management will figure prominently this year.


Spectrum: Gamers Make Better Surgeons?

Dog-nose precision, smart glass.