July 1995

Today's Computer Training: Good Enough for the Information Age?

Government staff are finding it relatively easy to get PC training, but learning how to manage complex technology projects and use state-of-the-art application development tools is another matter.

Firearms Training: As Close to Real as it Gets

An officer shoots a suspect. What training did that officer have in the use of the weapon, and what was the justification to draw and fire?

Distance Learning Much Closer

current wave in education is distance learning, which can bring a teacher located miles away into a classroom. It is often used in rural school districts that need certain courses for students but don't have the money to hire a teacher.

Justice & Technology

JusticeLINK: Maryland's Electronic Court Test

The National Center for State Courts is testing electronic court filing and is preparing to spread the paperless option to a courthouse near you.


July 95 GT Calendar

July 95 GT Calendar


Education First Project Brings Technology to California Schools

With its Education First initiative, Pacific Bell is giving public schools, libraries and community colleges the chance to join the information highway and take advantage of it any way they choose.

Geo Info

Public Access Adds Value to County's GIS

Summit County, Ohio, began planning a GIS four years ago that now connects county departments and provides public access.


AIIM's New International Image

A report from the leading edge of imaging: the 1995 AIIM Show in San Francisco.

Open GIS to Benefit State and Local Governments

Open GIS to Benefit State and Local Governments


Inhouse Check Printing

Governments paying tax refunds and making payments for services often need to have check printing outsourced. But technology is now available to print checks - including computer-read characters - saving time and money.


GIS Market Expansion Expected to Continue

State and local government, which has rapidly bought into GIS, is expected to continue installing and upgrading systems through the rest of the decade.

Product Focus

Videoconferencing Status a Moving Picture

Videoconferencing technology is evolving rapidly, providing new avenues of communication.


Connecting Schools to the Internet

While the Internet can be a valuable tool in education, lack of training and difficulties with funding are significant problems for K-12 schools.


Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith

Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith

Product News

Product News

Product News