July 1996

High School Students Win National Awards with GIS

Seaside High School developed a Coastal Studies and Technology Center to get students interested in the environment. The project has since led to a $4 million grant and an award from President Clinton.

Midnight Hackers

The Midnight Hacker program is taking at-risk kids off the streets and putting them to work mapping crime statistics with GIS.


National Technology Snapshot

National Technology Snapshot

Justice & Technology

GPS Goes to Bombing Trial

When the trial of suspects in the Oklahoma City bombing begins, GPS data will help establish the locations of key pieces of evidence.

Executive Briefing

CADME Comes Through

Riverside Calif.'s Computer Aided Drafting, Mapping and Engineering (CADME) system put mapping into the fast lane.


Online Bill Drafting For Virginia Assembly

The Virginia General Assembly is using workflow management tools to enhance and streamline the bill drafting process.

Geo Info

Spatial Surfing

The first crop of mapping tools for the World Wide Web allows people to run simple queries. Meanwhile, aWeb-based geographic information system may be coming soon.


Tracking Welfare Overpayments

Eighteen California counties have signed on to an automated welfare overpayment tracking and collection system.


AIIM Show Surprise

New products, standards and ways to use the World Wide Web were some of the highlightsat the AIIM '96 Conference in Chicago.


Proficiency Training

When training staff to use new technology, proficiency is a better measure of success than time spent in class.


Traffic Radar RFP

A step-by-step account of how British Columbia developed an RFP for its traffic radar camera system.


Isolated Schools Link to Internet

Canadian schools, in cooperation with the government, are finding unique ways to finance connections to the Internet.


California State Sen. Quentin Kopp

"The state of California, which has approximately 125 departments, doesn't posses a simple or similar method for acquisition of technology."