July 2001

Locke on the Future

Gov. Gary Locke reveals his states blueprint for technology leadership.

A New Role For ERP

Agencies at all levels of government are using enterprise resource planning applications to simplify a variety of activities.

New Fights, Old Rights

As the number of sites lampooning teachers and schools grows, students find not everybody has a sense of humor. How far will schools go to stop students from expressing their views?

Out Of The Shadows

ERP leaves the back office and emerges as an economic development tool.


Electronic Auction Block

A new Web site helps police agencies clear cluttered evidence rooms.

Tech Focus

Tracking Cyberslackers

Managers are using monitoring software to ensure employees stay on task at their computers. Does doing so improve productivity or inspire mistrust?

Local Government

Desktop Town Halls

Community networks can provide citizens with a wealth of information about the area around them -- as long as local governments dont get too involved.

Point of View

Point of View

What Goes Down Must Come Up



Digital video gives government tinseltown tools without blockbuster budgets.

CIO Profile

CIO Profile

Montgomery County, Md.s Alisoun Moore

Geo Info

Chasing Californias Rolling Blackouts

GIS is helping emergency response teams in Fremont, Calif., prepare for rolling blackouts.


E-Procurement Rising?

Maryland and Connecticut are proving full-fledged online procurement systems work. Will other states follow?

Best of the Web

Practice Makes Perfect

San Carlos, Calif., has had a lot of time to make its Web site among the best.

Electronic Government

Imagings Evolution

While the volume of electronic documents in government continues to grow, the need for document imaging remains strong.

Salvaging The Surplus

Is there a happy ending for the millions of obsolete computers governments can no longer use? Recyclers think so.

Product News

Product News

A grab bag of gadgets and gizmos.