July 2007

Reality Check

As millions of people flock to online alternate worlds, can government afford to be virtually nonexistent?

Power Struggle

Government cracks the renewable energy whip on public utilities as green technologies struggle to reach maturity.

Government Technology's Wayback Machine

Revisiting 20 Years of Government Technology magazine


The Unblinking Eye

Behavior recognition technology adds intelligence to surveillance cameras.

Tech Focus

Two Cents: A Trusty Notebook

The Twinhead Durabook D14RY is reliable, sleek and tough.

Point of View

Get a (Real) Life

"My virtual self could laze around on my own beach and get a fantastic tan -- while my real self gets fat and pasty in front of my computer."

How it Works

EOC on Wheels

Chicago's mobile command vehicle takes the emergency operations center directly to emergency sites.

The Last Mile

The Plot Thickens

The Plot Thickens


"Lablogatories" of Democracy

Toward a public journal about what matters.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon

Product News

Product News

Trimble, Malibal, OKI Data Americas, Motion Computing