July 2008

Younger Employees May Bring New IT Security Challenges

Millennial generation will use Web 2.0 to work, study says. CIOs downplay the security impact.

Privacy: Agencies Struggle to Redact Personal Data from Online Public Documents

Rise of identity theft sparks drive to block Social Security numbers and other data.

Police Crime Labs Struggle with Funding, Training and Bias Issues

Houston PD Crime Lab upgrades after critical investigation.

Business Continuity: Survey Gauges Government's Ability to Survive Disaster

Disaster planning and cross-agency communications are crucial capabilities, experts say.


Video Conferencing Improves Instruction for Tennessee Schools

Web-based video conferencing lets five schools share one algebra teacher.

Big Picture

Sea of Change

Sea of Change

Point of View

Stuck in the Middle

Stuck in the Middle

Records Management

E-Discovery Prompts Agencies to Strengthen Document Management

Federal court rules trigger new requirements for electronic information stored by government.

The Last Mile

We're All Gonna Die!

A nuclear attack on Washington, D.C., which would kill tens of thousands of Americans, is inevitable and will happen within 20 years. At least, that's according to a headline on The Drudge Report.

First Person

Treasury Office Deploys Electronic Document Management System

New technology helps federal agency meet search, retrieval and recordkeeping requirements.


Securing Cyber-Space, Enhancing Drivers' Licenses

Securing Cyber-Space, Enhancing Drivers' Licenses

Product News

Panasonic, Belkin, 3Dconnexion, Sony Ericsson

Panasonic, Belkin, 3Dconnexion, Sony Ericsson