July 2011

Parking Tech Helping Big Cities Ease Congestion

Video: San Francisco app routes drivers directly to available parking as a strategy for reducing traffic congestion.

Federal Fingerprint Sharing Program Meets Resistance

Local leaders attempt to opt out of controversial DHS Secure Communities program -- but it's unclear whether they can.


Massachusetts Turns on Camera for Court Proceedings

The OpenCourt pilot incorporates digital video streams and live broadcasts into coverage of Quincy District Court in Massachusetts.


Utah.gov Puts Search Front and Center

The new Utah.gov is another example of the tidal changes occurring in website design.


Five Pillars to a Digital City (Opinion)

The five pillars Govloop Founder and President Steve Ressler considers essential for being a digital city.

Four Questions

Massachusetts CIO Discusses His Role in Health IT

Government Technology caught up with acting CIO and deputy CIO of Massachusetts John Letchford in May at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) Mid-Year Conference.


New Products From Wet Circuits, Arecont Vision, Apple

Water-resistant power strip, AV10015 10 megapixel camera, all-in-one iMac.

Point of View

Govtech.com Launching New Features and Enhancements

Social media, better commenting system among the improvements to govtech.com.

Public Safety

Shoe Print Databases Catch Up to CSI Fiction

Software replaces a Florida police department’s time-consuming process for classifying shoe prints found at crime scenes.


QR Codes Aim to Curb Drunken Driving in Texas

Texas anti drunken-driving campaign used QR codes to help drinkers think before getting behind the wheel.


Stanford Researchers Make Recyclable Laptop

Stanford University graduate students develop a recyclable laptop.


The Science of Certain Things

Turn your iPhone into a microscope for about $10. New York City taxicab extreme makeover. The bedbug detective is an electronic nose for detecting the critters.