July 2012

Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker

Digital Political Candidates Driven by Technology

How the Web, social media and big data shape contemporary politics.

High-Tech Campaigns Face New Security Risks

The Web makes it easy to collect campaign cash, but raises the risk of phishing, hacking and data theft.


4 Ways to Keep IT Projects Rolling During Election Season

Give citizens more mobile solutions, including parking payments and 311 reporting.


New Products from ES&S, Dominion, Satechi

Precinct ballot scanners/tabulators, smartphone speaker

Point of View

2012: The Social Media Election? (Opinion)

Exploring how technologies are changing the way candidates outreach to voters and how voters choose candidates.

Case Studies

How to Fix Voter Registration

These systems are the gateway to democracy. But in the U.S., registration lists are rife with errors. The answer is online.

Iowa Voter Data Portal Offers Real-Time View

Election Day information simplifies voting process and illuminates voter activity.

Q and A

David All Shares Ideas on Emerging Trends for Campaigns and Elections

Founder of online communications and branding firm discusses online technology and strategies for politicians.


iPads in Oregon Election a Success, Official Says

Oregon officials learn lessons after citizens with disabilities use Apple’s tablet to vote in two special elections.

Guest Column

Making the Case for Online Voting (Opinion)

West Virginia shows that Internet-based voting not only works, but it also increases the return rate for absentee ballots.