June 1996

Locator System Target Shooters

A new system that employs technology similar to that used to determine the strength and epicenter of earthquakes is being tested for its ability to reduce random gunfire in Redwood City, Calif.


National Technology Snapshot

A round-up of information technology news and events from each of the 50 states.

Justice & Technology

Justice of the Peace Wired into County Case Management

Harris County justice of the peace courts have been connected to the county's case management system, providing greater efficiency for the independent courts.


Networld+Interop Focuses on Internet

This spring's Networld+Interop show highlighted a barrage of new Internet-related products and services.

Geo Info

GIS Aids Eradication of Florida Melaleuca Invasion

Decades ago, the Australian melaleuca tree was imported to help dry up Florida swampland and convert it into forests. Now, however, the melaleuca is seen as a threat to the Everglades and eradication efforts are under way.


Client/Server Systems Development

Client/server design skills and expertise are scarce. Organizations that do not have them in-house or on contract may soon be left behind.

Plastic's Fantastic, Say Tax Officials

Riverside County, Calif., engineered an automated telephone and credit card tax payment system that is gathering momentum.



Ignored for many years, COLD technology has recently blossomed into a large component of the imaging market, as major vendors offer organizations a more efficient way to store computer documents.





EDI Holds Promise for State Procurement Processes

Electronic procurement systems may be the key to streamlining cumbersome purchasing requirements.

Web Makes Economic Sense

State and local governments have been quick to use the Web as a way to attract and keep business and people.

Product Focus

Notebook Computers

More and more government workers are using notebooks while in the field.


Meet Me in Cyberspace

ATAP meetings, convened through any local or wide area network or on the Internet, are convenient and cost-effective for government employees.

States Hook Tourists Online

Like their corporate colleagues, state travel and tourism agencies have rapidly developed sophisticated Web sites to promote travel opportunities in their respective states.

Technology & Governance

Governments Pushing for Access Fees

Is providing electronic access to government data an "enhanced" service for which a fee can be collected, or do fees create an information underclass and shut the door on citizens whose taxes paid to collect the information in the first place?

What is Government's Role in IT Standards?

State and local governments must set standards to best utilize information technology. But setting these standards is more than just finding "the one best way."