June 1997

When Wireless Comes Calling ...

Telecommunications reform unleashed a multitude of wireless companies, all looking for antenna tower sites.

Technology -- A Parolee's Worst Enemy?

Knowing the whereabouts of parolees is essential to public safety, and technology is lending a hand.


National Technology Snapshot

A 50-state roundup of information technology news and events.

Justice & Technology

Justice Agency "Berlin Wall" Pulled Down

Barriers of turf and technology fall in the service of integrated justice information.

Notes from the Field

Notes From the Field

Notes From the Field


Destination Illinois

To provide excellent service to the traveling public, Illinois developed a centralized tourism information resource.

Full Digital Blacktop

Arkansas solves the problem of integrating video into a digital information system.

Geo Info

Land-Use Planning By Joystick

Scottsdale planners fly decision-makers through potential developments.


Michigan Data Warehouse Spurs Medicaid Efficiency

By switching to a PC-based system, the Michigan Department of Social Services can better manage its programs.


Orphaned Imaging Systems Cause Concern

Acquisitions and consolidation in the imaging market raise customer concern.



How well are federal agencies carrying out the Freedom of Information Act since Attorney General Reno's call for more discretionary disclosure?


How to Develop an Internet Use Policy

Worried about employee Internet use? Concerned about security, copyright, public records requirements? A practical guide to these and other issues.

SLED Links Alaska to the World

Alaska's SLED Web site links isolated towns to a world of information.

Product News

Product News

Product News


Saskia Sassen on The 21st Century City

How can local governments develop and maintain power in a virtual global economy? Saskia Sassen, professor of urban planning, author and scholar, discusses tomorrow's cities.