June 1998

Democracy on Demand

The Internet and TVW have your full-access pass to the legislative hearings and court proceedings of Washington state.

Information Explosion Yields Data Nightmare

Let data mining and data warehousing answer the wake-up call.

Local Government

More Cities Utilizing Technology

Survey results indicate cities are advancing with the times by incorporating technology into city operations.


National Technology Snapshot

A round-up of information technology news and events from each of the 50 states.

Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field

"The way to solve the traffic problems of the country is to pass a law that only paid-for cars are allowed to use the highways." -- Will Rogers, 1949

CIO Profile

Wendy Rayner CIO, New Jersey

Wendy Rayner A longtime state employee in New Jersey, Wendy Rayner became the state's first CIO in February. Her duties include statewide IT strategic planning, budgeting, policies and procedures

Geo Info

GIS Takes On TB

DNA identification and GIS leverage health professionals closer to the nature of tuberculosis and its extinction.


Schools Graduate to Imaging

Schools give imaging high marks for reducing paperwork and building virtual student portfolios.


A Constitutional Right of Informational Privacy

Don't assume that, if someone wants access to personal information, they are planning to use it in harmful ways. Let the privacy exemption do the work.


Atlanta Showcases New Trends in Education and Transportation

Atlanta Showcases New Trends in Education and Transportation

Product Focus

It's a Cold World Wide Web Out There

Cold Fusion Server helps legacy data become Web wise.

School Administration on the Fast-Track

Technology companies that cut their teeth on the private sector's administrative problems are now addressing the needs of education.


Engaging Technology: Sen. Richard G. Polanco

Engaging Technology: Sen. Richard G. Polanco

The Governors

In addition to annual budgets, infrastructure and commerce, already-busy state governors must also now focus on education and technology. Governors from both major parties were asked to share their views and how they have incorported education and technology into their respective state's framework. Four governors responded prior to press time

When Procurement is Rocket Science

Can putting the Space Shuttle together provide the experience to revamp California's procurement process?

Product News