Past Issues of Government Technology

June 2002

Mr. Purpose

Gov. Mark Schweiker is pushing his technology agenda to the fullest.

The Art of Knowledge Sharing

A growing number of organizations are establishing communities of practice among workers to boost knowledge sharing and learning.

Running the Numbers

State ROI programs attempt to quantify the benefits of e-government investments.

Digital State 2002

The Center for Digital Government and The Progress & Freedom Foundation survey the 50 states to reveal who's getting the most out of technology in law enforcement/courts and social services.


Irreducibly Complex Questions

A few good answers can make a world of difference.



Mapping Government IT

Geo Info

Finding the Way Together

State and local agencies are finding GIS data sharing easier than ever.

Electronic Government

Record-Breaking Dilemma

Electronic information is easier to manage than paper, right? Tell that to records managers and archivists.

Shoestring Security

Taking prudent cyber security measures doesn't mean breaking the bank.

Point of View

Overcoming a Fiscal Free-Fall

Overcoming a Fiscal Free-Fall

Product News

Product News

Pentax Technologies, Wacom Technology, IGo, Estari


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.


An End to Easy Access

Security concerns are superseding agencies' missions to provide useful information to the public.

CIO Profile

CIO Profile: Pam Ahrens

Pam Ahrens, director, Idaho Department of Administration


Swifter Justice

Judges, lawyers and clerks are taking advantage of instant access to court files to speed court procedures.


Creative Partnership

Facing a budget crunch, Oklahoma financed new enterprise software by tying the vendor's rewards to the system's ongoing success.