Past Issues of Government Technology

June 2003

The War at Home

State and local officials deplore lack of both funds and focus in fighting terrorism.

Treasure Hunt

Budget trouble sparks renewed interest among states in taxing sales made via the Internet.

Nurturing the New Economy

States work to align IT policies and economic development.

Closing the Gap Between IT and Policy

Coping with the budget crunch demands broader role for technology.


Seize the Inevitable (Again)

Looking offshore but not over your shoulder



Mapping government IT

Electronic Government

IT Budgets Shrink, Workers Prevail

CIOs are cutting everything but their work forces -- so far.


Red Light, Green Light

Virginia's new Dashboard system instantly shows the status of state transportation projects.

Point of View

Scaling the Wall of Resistance

Scaling the Wall of Resistance

Product News

Product News

VoiceLogger, CORDA Technologies, Shavlik Technologies, IES Interactive Training


Cooperative Effort

Using GIS, Jackson County, Mo., will improve its information integration, infrastructure planning and economic development; foster intergovernmental cooperation; and save money.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT Horizon


Prescription for Compliance

New Mexico links nearly 200 health-care offices to meet HIPAA guidelines.

CIO Profile

Karl Kaiser, Minneapolis, Minn.

Karl Kaiser, Minneapolis, Minn.

Local Government

Bridging the E-Mail Gap

The FDNY turned to BlackBerries to round out its communications arsenal.