PAST ISSUES / June 2004

Internet Takedown

The Web has increased efficiency and convenience, but its openness leaves us vulnerable.

Sprawl of the Wild

Pennsylvania's Keystone Research Center uses GIS to tame the beast that's killing older urban areas.

Clarity and Execution: The Next Steps in Cyber-Security

Clarity and Execution: The Next Steps in Cyber-Security

Juggling Act

In this bleak budget climate, CIOs find themselves overseeing more than just technology.



Forecast is hot and sticky.



Government IT projects make headlines

Geo Info

Disaster Planning

Kentucky's Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program turned to GIS to improve emergency planning.

G Squared

Marion County, Fla., uses GIS for GASB 34 compliance.

Electronic Government

IT Connection

Massachusetts' government IT work force now easily shares ideas across state and local governments.

Stumping for Open Source

It's all about ROI and collaboration.

Point of View



Product News

Product News

Envision Monitor, FrogPad, PLUS Vision


Change Triggers Challenges

Evolving Internet drops complex issues into the laps of CIOs.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon

Tech Focus

Toughbook 18

This ruggedized Panasonic notebook takes a beating.

CIO Profile

Steven Schafer

CIO, Nebraska

Local Government

Taking the Stage

San Diego Futures Foundation puts retired computers back to work in the community.

Weighing Value

Good intentions don't always stack up.