June 2005

XML: Out of the Shadows

Global Justice XML may link law enforcement, firefighters, emergency management services and more.

The 10 Percent Solution

President Bush says a dose of IT can help the ailing health-care industry save billions of dollars, but government's role in the transformation is unclear.

Integrating the Ivory Tower

Government and education make forays into consolidating information systems.


Going Digital

Criminal files no longer eat up reams of paper in this Alabama city's homicide unit.


Bargain Hunter

The Lone Star State goes it alone to secure better savings.

Tech Focus

Two Cents: Light on Its Feet

Our products editor tried on this wearable Web tablet for size.

Point of View

Final Frontier

Final Frontier

Geo Info

Storm Sense

GIS helps this North Carolina city manage the cycle of disaster recovery and preparedness.

CIO Profile

David Heck

Deputy Chief Information Officer, Tempe, Ariz.


Lessons Learned?



Lessons Learned?

All of this sounds terribly familiar.

Electronic Government

Invasive ID

States and privacy groups pick a fight with the Real ID Act.

Financial Wizard

Web-based budget-reporting tool makes the budget process a little less painful in Nashville, Tenn.

Try Your Luck

Two states consider selling lottery tickets online.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.

Product News

Product News

Nextel, Motorola, Gateway, Acer, Targus