March 1996

Court Reporting: From Stenography to Technology

Will court reporters evolve from stenographers to information managers, or be replaced by new technologies?

Community Oriented Policing

Community Oriented Policing programs have grown rapidly across the country. Here's how some jurisdictions are using technology to make their COP programs more effective.


National Technology Snapshot

A 50-state roundup of information technology news and events.

Justice & Technology

Technology Speeds Capital Appeals

Continued delays in hearing capital case appeals could increase the public's disdain for the courts. Information technology can help speed the process and earn renewed respect for the justice system.

Notes from the Field

Notes From The Field

After Gig Government, What?


GPS on Mountain Bikes

This spring's Networld+Interop show highlighted a barrage of new Internet-related products and services.

Windy City Builds a Better 911

By improving the city's communication and emergency response infrastructure, Chicago's new sophisticated 911 system aims to cut valuable seconds from emergency response times.

Project Management

Turning Fuzzy Ideas Into Reality

Government managers need the discipline, skills, tools and techniques of project management to successfully develop and deploy today's large, complex information systems.

A Successful GIS Project Model

Building a successful geographic information system means harnessing effective management techniques and organizational structures.

Australia Privatizes Emergency Center

Victoria, Australia, and Intergraph Corp. teamed up to form a state-of-the-art emergency communications center that's attracting attention from all over the world.

Product Watch

Presentation Tools: The Vision Thing

The wide array of presentation tools currently on the market make it possible for anyone to put together an impressive exhibition.





Drunks Get a Shot of Technology

California and a private-sector partner are working together to expedite drunk driving arrests.


New York Tackles Storage and Access

Local governments had to learn new skills to comply with a new public records law.

Best of the Web

Best of the Web


Maine Gov. Angus King

Gov. Angus King, an Independent elected to his first public office in 1994, has made some dramatic changes in state government over the past year. King brings an understanding of what information technology can do to improve state government, which he attributes to owning a business.

Product News

Product News

Product News