March 1999

Intranets: More Than a Messenger

Intranets: More Than a Messenger

The Opportunity of Electronic Commerce

The Opportunity of Electronic Commerce

Kiosks -- Are They Worth It?

Some say the Web killed the kiosk concept in its infancy. Others are combining the two.

Local Government

Red Cross Finds Relief with First On-site GIS Project

One chapter's new program can save time,

Legacy-data Strategies

"In with the new" doesn't have to mean "out with the old."

Changing Standards: Electronic

Gettysburg College has developed a unique database, the first to allow students and their parents access to an enormous amount of campus data.

Tremendous Vision

San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown has set


The National Technology Snapshot

A round-up of information technology news

Notes from the Field

"Tax-free Internet" -- a Seductively Simplistic Slogan

"Tax-free Internet" -- a Seductively Simplistic Slogan

Point of View

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


An Internet Security Primer

Consumers need assurance of security and privacy

Secrets Come Cheap

We moan about the loss of privacy, then trade our mother's maiden name to save a nickel on a can of beans.


Pete Anderson

Pete Anderson served 25 years in the U.S. Navy until retiring to become CIO of Columbus, Ohio, in mid-1998.

Product Focus

Network and E-commerce Security

Network and E-commerce Security

Last Bytes

Department of De-engineering

Y2K | Humans Still Make the Best Mistakes

Electronic Government

A Font of Knowledge

Water-resource data flows from North Dakota Web site.

Advanced Technology May

CalTrans is working on innovative technology solutions to reduce traffic congestion and enhance road travel.


The Power of Information

A key FCC official talks about keeping up with the present and envisioning a better future.

Unlocking the Door to Security

Government officials are taking a serious look at security issues.

Product News

Product News

Does Goodyear Know About This?