March 2002

Government Technology's 2002 GT Top 25

Doers, Dreamers and Drivers of Information Technology in Government

Jenkinson, Jefferson and Digital Democracy

A scholarly consideration of the electronic future.

Mapping Community Assets

Experts suggest strengthen a community by mapping its assets, not its liabilities, but that may not be as easy as it sounds.

Conservative Growth

Virtually every state has an e-procurement project under way or a system in operation, but most are taking a cautious approach to implementing the technology.

Weaving a Better Life

Poor, urban communities are discovering the Internet can be a catalyst to social and economic growth.


Judging Privacy

Federal and state courts are beginning to set policies for protecting personal information in electronic public records, but doing so is a delicate balancing act.

Emergency Contact

Jurisdictions use reverse 911 systems to alert public of potential dangers.


Bidding War

Chipmaker AMD pushes procurement changes designed to challenge Intel's dominance.

Point of View

Digital Dreams

Digital Dreams

CIO Profile

Rebecca Heidepriem, Wisconsin CIO

Last summer, Gov. Scott McCallum signed the 2001-2003 Wisconsin budget. For the first time, it included the Department of Electronic Government. On Oct. 1, 2001, Rebecca Heidepriem assumed the role of the state's first cabinet-level CIO. A 19-year veteran

Geo Info

Weathering the Storm

GIS provides a foundation for an evacuation support system in South Carolina.


Do It Yourself

A content management system eases the task of disseminating information to workers at the Oregon Employment Department.

Corporate Citizen

Corporate Citizen

Corporate Citizen


Whither The State Portal?

Fifty-some channels and nothing on. Its a bleak scenario, and entirely avoidable.


Budget Ease

Santa Clara County, Calif.'s budget is getting easier to make and use.

Electronic Government

The Show Must Go On

Business continuity planning is helping agencies sustain mission-critical applications in the face of disaster.


GT Spectrum

GT Spectrum