PAST ISSUES / March 2003

Government Technology Magazine's Top 25: Dreamers, Doers and Drivers

Top 25 People who played key roles in strengthening government operations in their jurisdictions and improving the services delivered to citizens.

Mr. Fix-It?

California CIO J. Clark Kelso attempts to repair the state's IT governance structure.


Governing into Adversity

What will we do the morning after?



Mapping IT Government

Electronic Government

Making Room for Storage

More choices, lower costs give governments better business-continuity options with storage technology.

Moving Forward, Backing Up

Wichita implements a data backup and storage strategy to accommodate growth.

Point of View

Choosing the Top 25

Choosing the Top 25

Product News

Product News

Arista Corp., Solutionary Inc., Recommind Inc., Promicro Systems, Avail Solutions


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT Horizon


Beyond Boundaries

Interoperable emergency communications system links government sectors.

CIO Profile

CIO Profile

Brad Walden, Humboldt County's Information Services Manager


At Your Service

CRM gains interest as jurisdictions attempt to cost-effectively boost citizen satisfaction.