May 1999

Beyond & Back: Simulating Our Y2K Future

Bruce F. Romer has been beyond and returned to tell about it. On Dec. 21, 1998, Montgomery County, Md., conducted a full-scale year-2000 exercise. Computer-aided 911 dispatch, traffic light control systems, accounts payable and payroll, and voter registration systems were tested in realtime with clocks rolled ahead. Many lessons were learned, said Romer, the county's chief administrative officer. He knows a little about Y2K, having testified before Congress and briefed the White House Y2K staff. But Romer's range extends beyond the county

Looking Beyond the Millennium Bug

While most states struggle to complete their Y2K work on time, some have finished and are focusing on what happens next.


GT National Technology Snapshot

A roundup of information technology news and events from each state.

Notes from the Field

Few Governors Grasp

Few Governors Grasp


Breaking the Network Bronco

As the systems become more complex, managing them becomes a wilder ride.

Geo Info

Big Job, Small Budget

A small but growing Colorado town assembles a powerful GIS tool that fits the bill.


Electronic Commerce

Online transactions may be the biggest opportunity yet for the neglected chip-loaded cards.

Best of the Web

You Are Here

An online atlas helps Pennsylvania map its future.




Product Focus

Windows 2000: NT Hits the Desktop

But there is plenty of competition.

Last Bytes

Last Bytes

Last Bytes

Product News

Product News

Product News


Don Heiman

This is an excerpt from a neighborhood home page in the Denver area. It is the launch pad for the Neighborhood Link services.