May 2001

Privacys Bully Pulpit

The FTCs Orson Swindle takes a stand for industry self-regulation, federal privacy rules and the free flow of information.

Biometric Breakdown

Privacy fears are now limiting the growth of biometrics as a fraud prevention tool, but some jurisdictions are considering the technology for security purposes instead.

Drawing the Line

Better technology is making it easier for politicians to manipulate voting districts in favor of a single party.

Security Blanket

Public Key Infrastructure unlocks e-government potential.


"911 -- Hold Please"

The CHP hopes to prevent accidental 911 calls placed from cellular phones to clear the lines for real emergencies.

Car 54, Where Are You?

The L.A. County Sheriffs Department developed a data-management system that tracks the activities of deputies in the field to determine the appropriate allocation of personnel.

Local Government

From Silos to Success

Nevada County implemented an ambitious program to establish a countywide IT enterprise.

Heat of the Moment

In an effort to take the burden off overworked dispatchers, Seattle and San Antonio are putting information about emergency incidents on the Web in real time.

Striking a Deal

Two South Dakota states attorneys discovered the fine line between costly and efficient when they struck a deal across county lines.


The National Technology Snapshot

A roundup of information technology news and events from each of the 50 states.

Point of View

Point of View

Leaders Have Key to Internet Security

CIO Profile

CIO Profile

Louisiana CIO James DuBos

Geo Info

Crime In Realtime

Delawares realtime crime reporting system is revolutionizing the job of law enforcement officials in the state.

High-Tech Borders

The border patrol in the San Diego area is using GIS, GPS and biometrics to help curb illegal immigration.


Tax On Plastic

Agencies that allow citizens to pay taxes online with credit cards are making tax season a little easier for all involved.

Streamlining Services

States are finding CRM key to time-consuming customer service demands.

gov and all that

.gov and all that

Counting the Non-Votes

Electronic Government

Traveling with Technology

Most states use some type of technology to promote tourism and help travelers, but the benefits are not yet clearly understood.

Peer to Peer Goes Public

The technology behind Napster is penetrating the corporate world. Is there a place for peer-to-peer computing in the public sector?

No Wrong Door

Georgia is building an enterprise portal that will allow citizens to access the services they need from anywhere.

Product News

Product News

A grab bag of gadgets and gizmos.



Reports from the IT horizon