May 2006

L.A. Story

Political leaders envision more technology in the city's future.

Young Cyber-Sleuths

Interns take a load off crime-lab cops and provide promise for the future.


Voice-Activated Commands

System keeps cops hands free.

Brain Power

Neural network system could help Chicago police put their heads together.

Tech Focus

Two Cents: Massive Display

The Gateway FPD2185W widescreen flat-panel display gives lots of bang for the buck.


Communication Breakdown

Incident sparks debate on emergency access to wireless location information.

Local Government

It's the Network

The National League of Cities launches the National City Network, giving local governments a new outlet to share information.

Point of View

Seeing Stars?

Seeing Stars?


Meal Ticket

Outdated law reroutes Texas' plans for modernized food stamp services.

Virus Hunters

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention propose a plan for tracking airline passengers electronically to contain the spread of infectious diseases.

Geo Info

Mapping the Future

Will geospatial Web applications change the way local governments present information to the public?

CIO Profile

Jim Bryant

State CIO, South Carolina


Signs of the Times

Big screens at a tipping point between toy and tool.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.

Product News


Panasonic, Cybernet, G-Technology, Lexmark