May 2010

Manor, Texas, Crowdsources Ideas for Running the Town

CIO Dustin Haisler uses social media aspects of Manor Labs to promote citizen ideas.

Real-Life Police Technology Catches up With Science Fiction

Gadgets include patrol car-mounted launchers that shoot GPS-equipped darts onto fleeing vehicles, and ear-mounted video cameras for cops.


St. Petersburg, Fla., Improves Procurement Process

One Florida city's purchasing department takes steps to improve the procurement process.


Charlotte, N.C., and Mecklenburg County Seek Stimulus Funds for a Shared Broadband Network

North Carolina locals seek second-round Recovery Act funds for its city/county broadband network.

Local Government

Cloud Computing Services Shared by Seven Colorado Counties

A Colorado county provides cloud computing services to six other counties, reducing costs and delivering tailor-made functionality to partners.

Point of View

Attracting Youth to Government Service (Opinion)

Manor, Texas, benefits from Miellennial innovation.


Educators Seek New Ways to Steer Kids Toward Technical Fields

Schools in Ohio, New York and Massachusetts increase focus on science, technology, engineering and math.

States Bring Purpose-Driven Social Networking Tools to Schools

Should a state spend $1.15 million on a Web-based portal designed to connect students, support college and career transitions?

CIO Profile

California's Richard Gillihan Discusses State's Consolidation

Chief of IT operations and consulting for the California Department of Finance talks about advising CIO Teri Takai on state IT consolidation.

Economic Development

What's the Capital of Kansas? Google

To lure Google's ultra-high speed broadband trial to Topeka, Kan., Mayor Bill Bunten renamed capital city after the search giant for the month of March.

Records Management

Franklin County, Ohio, Uses Address Verification Software to Collect Millions in Unpaid Taxes

Franklin County, Ohio, fills its coffers with the help of address verification software.