November 1996

Michigan -- A Reputation For Change

John Kost, who recently left public service, discusses his experience as Michigan's CIO.

Virtual University to Power Malaysia's Future

Malaysia is booming, and its capital of Kuala Lumpur -- site of the world's tallest building -- is the nerve center of an economic and technological transformation.


National Technology Snapshot

A 50-state roundup of information technology

Justice & Technology

Electronic Fingerprints -- Computer Evidence Comes of Age

While the use of computers by criminals has become more common, seized computers have given law enforcement new sources of evidence.

Notes from the Field

Notes From the Field

Notes From the Field


European Cities Link to Improve Quality of Life

European cities pool resources to exchange successful IT strategies.

Geo Info

Troubleshooting Holes in Wireless Coverage

GIS is helping to analyze coverage trouble spots in new wireless services.


Internet Alters Imaging Picture

The Internet may reduce the costs of imaging and provide better access to occasional users and the public.

Product Focus

Product Focus: Workstations

Despite the growing power and performance of PCs, many state and local government applications still require the unique capabilities of a workstation computer.


"Best of the Web" Winners

Florida and the city of San Carlos, Calif., draw top honors in the inaugural "Best of the Web" contest.


French Sen. Pierre Laffitte

Sen. Pierre Laffitte -- who helped create a

Technology & Governance

Reinventing and Forced Obsolescence

Can government make the changes needed to remain effective in the Information Age?

Product News

Product News

Product News