November 1999

Pinpoint Accuracy: Delivering Relief in Kosovo

International Rescue Committee adopts GIS to speed aid to returning refugees.

Local Government

City Finds ATM PDQ, Implements ASAP

Oceanside, Calif., says goodbye to Ethernet, hello to ATM.


The National Technology Snapshot

The National Technology Snapshot

Justice & Technology

Exit Robocop, Enter CyberJudge

High-tech courtroom helps Florida judges speed cases and distribute information.

Notes from the Field

All Government is Global

All Government is Global

Geo Info

FIRM Support for Accurate Maps

GIS-revised floodplain boundaries create benefits for homeowners and businesses in Winnebago County, Wis.


Teaching Racial Tolerance

A multimedia program called Go Sweden allows Swedish youngsters in rough cyber-situations to make real-world decisions.

CIO Profile

Otto Doll

Otto Doll


Is There a Doctor in the Warehouse?

Under pressure to manage Medicaid more efficiently, states are using data warehouses to find the right answers.

Setting the E-Commerce Agenda

Everyone knows what electronic transactions can do for government. Does anyone know how to make it work?


The Canadian Alternative

With the United States and the European Union try to hammer out a deal on data protection, Canada might quietly enter the mix

"Labouring" Toward Access

The United Kingdom's journey from secrecy to openness is measured in inches, not miles.

Product Focus

Notebooks: Whan the World goes Mobile

Notebooks: Whan the World goes Mobile

Electronic Government

Harlem's Young Globetrotters

HarlemLive gives inner-city youth a worldwide voice online while teaching them valuable technology skills.

Product News

Product News

Product News