November 2001

Beyond Broadband

What is the status of broadband rollout and how will it affect government and society?

Taking Care of Business

State and local CIOs assume greater roles in economic development.

The Golden Touch

Stephen Goldsmith shares his secrets to successful e-government.

Delaware's Dynamic Minner

Gov. Ruth Ann Minner isn't wasting time when it comes to the state's transformation to electronic government.


Inventory Unplugged

Wireless inventory management is helping Water Resources flow in California.


No More Excuses

Crime analysis software avails itself to smaller Maryland agencies.


Uphill Battle

Virginia's ambitious seat management program is struggling for acceptance.


National Technology Snapshot

National Technology Snapshot

The Word On

Government Technology Spectrum

Government Technology Spectrum

CIO Profile

CIO Profile

CIO Profile

Geo Info

Low-Budget GIS

Web-based mapping service helps Island County, Wash., cut the cost of delivering GIS data to departments and the public.

Best of the Web

Rock the Web

Rock Island County, Ill., made its Web site easier to navigate and simultaneously prepared for an e-government future.


Catching a Code

Building codes are a critical but confusing issue for states. Technology and consolidation may make them more user-friendly.

Where the Tech Meets the Road

Arkansas came up with a cheap and unique method of monitoring the health of its highway system

Product News

Product News

Product News