November 2002

Heavy Lifting

Telecom directors see their stature increase as they struggle to maintain vital technologies.

England Tests E-Voting

While the United States struggles to merely modernize elections, England experiments with remote electronic voting.

Digital Dogfight

Arizona tops tightly contested 2002 Digital State survey.

Digital State Part III

Many winners illustrate progress in taxation and revenue, GIS and transportation, and education categories.


Cops and Computers

Patrolling the streets of Sacramento is not easy, but it's becoming easier with the help of some technology upgrades.

Point of View

Telecom's New Role

Telecom's New Role

Geo Info

Local Fire Sparks GIS System

Laguna Beach, Calif. continues to expand its extensive geographic information system that launched after a fire in 1993.


Common Purpose, Common Platform

An enterprise approach to e-government holds costs down for Mississippi and gives citizens a quick path to services.


All Over But the Shouting

Examining the changing nature of the polling place.



Mapping government IT

Electronic Government

Kentucky Gets Connected

In an effort to assess and plan for the state's competitive future, the Connect Kentucky initiative was born.

Waiting for Direction

A congressional mandate for centralized, uniform voter-registration systems may create more questions for states.


GT Spectrum

GT Spectrum

Product News

Product News

InFocus Corp.; DeLorme; NetSupport Inc.; Intel