November 2010

Cash-Strapped Agencies Seek Lower IT Maintenance Fees

Some revenue-starved municipalities are targeting ongoing maintenance fees paid to IT vendors as an area for cutting costs.


Beverly Hills, Calif., Goes Virtual to Protect Against Real Disasters (Video)

Interactive GIS application helps public safety officials better manage resources and responses in an emergency.


Biometric Devices Help New Jersey County Track Delivery of Homeless Services

Bergen County, N.J., uses fingerprint scanners to accurately deliver social services to the homeless.

Justice and Public Safety

Smart Cameras Aim to Stop Crimes Before They Occur

East Orange, N.J., Police Department uses surveillance cameras, sensor technology and predictive analytics to identify crimes before they happen.


New Products from HP, CherryPal, Kyocera Sanyo

Notebook PC, Android tablet, smartphone.

Point of View

Touring One of the World’s Most Energy-Efficient Buildings (Opinion)

National Renewable Energy Laboratory uses technology and materials to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Technology Can Be a Tool for Student Success, and a Distraction at Home

National Bureau of Economic Research found that giving kids in the digital divide computers actually lowered their academic achievement.


Running Fiber Through the Sewers

Sewer-based fiber to the home networks may be a cost-effective way to provide superfast Internet connections. Quincy, Ill. is pursuing this option slowly.


IT Trends: Texting Laws, Turns 1

General Electric stops making incandescent light bulbs.