PAST ISSUES / October 2002

End of the Line

How politics, scandal and bureaucracy combined to derail California's central IT organization.

Can ERP Save E-Procurement?

Electronic procurement has proven far more complicated and expensive than expected. Some states are banking on ERP to solve the problem. But is it enough?

The Essential CIO

The case for a catalyst and collaborator in chief.

Signed, Sealed and Electronically Delivered

If new technology, better standards and legislative changes are clearing the path for counties to electronically record land and title documents, why is hardly anyone doing it?


No Back Button

A New Mandate to Implement Possibilities



Mapping government IT


Putting Computers to the Test

Idaho measures students' progress with exams that automatically adjust to each child's abilities.

Geo Info

Eye in the Sky

GIS technology helps remote islands cope with natural disasters.

Point of View

A Map for Spaceship Earth

A Map for Spaceship Earth

Product News

Product News

Intermec Technologies, AG Neovo, Ositech Communications Inc., RemoteSite Technologies


A License to Deal

Enterprise licensing agreements have come under intense scrutiny since California's flawed deal with Oracle. But state and local CIOs say they aren't bad, just complicated.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT Horizon

CIO Profile

CIO Profile: Catherine Maras O'Leary

Cook County, Ill.


In Good HANs

The Texas Health Alert Network (HAN) links health organizations statewide

Jumping the Jurisdictional Fence

A simple piece of software links seven cities' justice systems.