October 2006

Weathering the Storm

A string of troubled deployments prompts IT project management changes in Colorado. Is reform legislation the answer?

Xtreme Mapping

Here are four uses for geospatial technology that you may not expect.

The Line Government Won't Cross

Some say governments could save money through offshore outsourcing, while others say the benefits don't justify eliminating jobs.

Two in a Row

Michigan repeats as nation's top Digital State.


The Harvest

There's still something to learn from the agrarian revolution.


Modern Education

One high-school teacher incorporates video games into his curriculum to help students learn.

Gaining Mobility

A technology leader in higher education continues to revolutionize how students learn and live with a mobile computing wireless initiative.

Public Safety

Eyes in the Forest

California firefighters use automated fire-spotting technology to replace human lookouts.

Point of View

The Third Rail of IT

The Third Rail of IT

Product News


Targus, Omron RFID, Planar Systems, ASUS


Taxing Accommodations

Lawsuits challenge tax payments from online travel companies.

Money Managing in Clackamas County

Volunteers devote their time to ensure the elderly and people with disabilities don't lose their money.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.


Public Education: Is it Important?


Tech Focus

Tiny Imprint

The slim and sleek Brother MPrint MW-100 prints notes, labels and receipts from laptops and PDAs.

CIO Profile

Tracy Williams

CIO, Rhode Island

View From the Hill

Emphasizing Outreach

Emphasizing Outreach