September 1996

Local Governments Create Telecom Plans

Local governments are planning their own telecommunications futures even as state and federal governments hand down complex laws and regulations.

Telemedicine Update

Telemedicine is being tested to expand health care access, but questions are emerging about how useful it is and how to deal with cross-state medical licenses.


Schools Online

Even before connecting to the Internet, students and teachers are discovering a new electronic culture.

Geo Info

Slick Solution for Oil Spills

In the midst of increasing oil tanker traffic along U.S. coasts, Texas is using new technology to protect beaches, wildlife and marine resources.

Justice & Technology

Online Dispute Arbitration

With millions of people using online services, disputes over postings are inevitable. The Virtual Magistrate offers arbitration.

Product Watch

Product Focus: Internetworking

The ins and outs of internetworking may make your head swim, but it's the future, so dive in!

Product News: Surgery, Bombs & Spies

Product News: Surgery, Bombs & Spies


Nebraska Gov. Ben Nelson

Nebraska's technology projects include telemedicine, distance learning and economic development. And when it comes to financing the Y2K problem, the state isn't just blowing smoke.


Internet Trading Communities

State and local governments need to start looking at the Internet as a gateway to virtual marketplaces.


Dodging the Sunshine

Dodging the Sunshine

Notes from the Field

Notes From the Field

Notes From the Field


DMVs Improve Images

State DMVs are adopting imaging technology to automate the process of capturing, storing, retrieving and producing driver's licenses.


Small-Town Cops Wield Big-City Data

Police in Amesbury,Mass., use laptops and wireless technology to access data on the fly.

Does Your City Measure Up?

How does your city stack up against others in terms of service to the public? A new consortium is helping to find out.


National Technology Snapshot

A 50-state roundup of information technology