September 2001

Altogether Different

California is proving teamwork can help it act like an enterprise.

Building Blocks

State governments have created an online facility for sharing reusable software, making application development faster and cheaper.

Where Have All the Telecom Firms Gone

The collapse of the NASDAQ not only extinguished the lives of many dot-coms, it also significantly reduced competition in the telecommunications market.

Changing Faces

Dot-coms are developing new business models, strengthening old ones and forming alliances as they battle for profit in the public sector.

Cool Change

Preparing your workforce is key to successful IT installations.


Partnerships in Crime

The cost of fighting Internet crime has some law enforcement agencies turning to the private sector for help.

Tech Focus

To XP or Not to XP

Microsoft's newest operating system may be just the tool public agencies have been waiting for.

Local Government

Slaying the Six-Headed Hydra

Looking at $15 million to rebuild its five separate data networks and $25 million to upgrade its archaic voice network, Dallas is embracing voice over IP and singing the praises of convergence.

Main Street Portals

Many smaller jurisdictions have lacked the time, money and staff needed to build an online presence. That situation is likely to change as new strategies hit Main Street.

Down on the Server Farm

Legislation seeking to limit pollution and energy use by data centers in San Francisco may curb economic development in the city.

Power Play

Alameda, Calif., merged two diverse yet complementary technologies to notify customers of power emergencies.

Point of View

Taxes, Technology and Public Spending

Taxes, Technology and Public Spending

The Word On

The Word On

Cellular Phone Regulation

CIO Profile

Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson

Geo Info

Drawing Better Boundaries

Minnesota is using new software to make redistricting easier and more transparent.

Drawing Better Boundaries

Minnesota is using new software to make redistricting easier and more transparent.


Licensed to Succeed

Technology is improving how agencies approve and process professional licenses.

In the Trenches

Making Sense of the Census

Census 2000 data can prove valuable to state and local governments, if they know where to find it and how to manipulate it.

Electronic Government

Full Speed Ahead

North Carolina, Georgia and New Hampshire outline their plans for a strong IT future.

Filtering Fraud

Utah is using predictive technology to put a stop to fraudulent workers comp claims.


GT Spectrum

GT Spectrum