September 2002

Playing Politics

Are those on the front lines equipped to deal with the political reality of homeland security?

Lessons Learned

Online education was considered a sure hit for students and universities hoping to make or save some money. It hasn't quite worked out that way.

High-Tech Pay Off

States are using tax compliance software to improve the accuracy of their audits and generate more revenue.


Piecing Together the Evidence

Project delivers real-time access to multiple records-management systems.

Local Government

Cable Heist

Local governments want their cable revenue back after the FCC's reclassification of cable modems has them seeing red -- red ink, that is.

The Business of Government

Cities are looking to the corporate world for ways to achieve higher levels of service and efficiency.

Point of View

A Call to Arms

A Call to Arms

Geo Info

Bitten by the GIS Bug

Pennsylvania adapts virus-tracking system to homeland defense.

CIO Profile

CIO Profile: Cmdr. Jeffery Resler

Arizona Department of Public Safety


The Check Is in the Mail

An integrated printing and mailing system helps Virginia Treasury Department produce checks more quickly and earn postal discounts.


Disclosure Debate

Federal prohibitions on open-access laws are causing confusion about what records states are required to release.


The Anniversary Paradox

Getting on with the American experiment, anyway.



Mapping government IT

Electronic Government

Successful Venture

Technology-based economic-development effort delivers results, Illinois says.

Strong Medicine

Massive integration project in Georgia will put four state health care programs under one roof.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT Horizon