September 2003

Great Expectations

Can Web services live up to the hype?

Spreading the Word

With technology as an aid, law enforcement drafts community members in the fight against crime.

Rising to the Challenge

The first Digital Counties survey breaks down electronic government successes.

Speaking Up for Rural America

NACo President Karen Miller says technology plays a vital role in the health of small communities.


Connecting the Courts

The Judicial Network Project makes Michigan roads safer.

Local Government

Beating Information Madness

Business intelligence technology gives Albuquerque, N.M., finance staff a way to get what they want in a timely manner despite overwhelming amounts of data.

Point of View

Can We Talk?

Can We Talk?

Geo Info

Saving the Urban Forest

Cities turn to GIS and other technologies to help track and maintain their greenery.


Runnin' on Empty

As gas tax revenue dwindles, Oregon looks at innovative but controversial technology to fill its budget tanks.


Love of Institutions and Innovation

Legacy, serendipity and public affairs TV.


Digging Deeper

An in-depth look at Web services in Fairfax County Public Schools.



Mapping government IT

Electronic Government

From Trash to Treasure

King County, Wash.'s Online Exchange keeps trash out of landfills by allowing residents to sell usable household items to eager re-consumers.

Instant Messaging Goes Legit

No longer simply a toy for teenagers who like to carry on five conversations at once, IM is fulfilling viable business needs in the corporate enterprise.

Sniffing Out Trouble

Permanent data probes and Web-based management software keep traffic flowing on Indiana's state government network.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT Horizon

Product News

Product News

CYA Technologies Inc., Polycom, McAfee Security, Iomega Corp.