September 2004

Funding Collaboration

Department of Homeland Security funding initiative aims to spur interoperability among locals.

You Say You Want a Revolution

As an entire generation of baby boomers enters their golden years, it's a time of technological upheaval for public retirement systems.

Easy Street

Wisconsin finds the enterprise service bus a smooth ride.


Swift Justice

Kiosk gives domestic violence victims safe and quick access to protection.

Tech Focus

Two Cents

Two of our editors tried different editions of palmOne's famous handhelds -- here's what they thought.

Point of View

The Boomer Rumor

The Boomer Rumor

Geo Info

Gently Down the Stream

Satellite technology helps streamline storm water billing and could lead to increased revenue.


Looking for Answers

Computerized grading helps Indiana cut cost of statewide essay tests.

CIO Profile

Dr. Michael Hall

Deputy State Superintendent, Information Technology, Georgia Department of Education


A Mulligan for the Homeland

Excuses running out for excesses.



Government IT projects make headlines.

Electronic Government

Let's Chat

Secure instant messaging programs make their way into the public sector.

Fast Lane

Agencies expand use of the electronic toll collection and explore new connections.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.

Product News

Product News

LaserFiche, Canon, Memorex,