September 2006

Virtual Collaboration

Regional portals raise the bar for communication for law enforcement and emergency managers.

Hard Bargain?

Vendors complain that tough government contract terms demand everything but the shirts off their backs.

Procuration Nation

Left for dead after the dot-come bust, e-procurement makes a comeback.


Surveying the Scene

GPS improves accident reconstruction for Sparks, Nev., police.

Tech Focus

Durabook Endurance

The Twinhead Durabook N14RA notebook takes a spill and a fall.


United We Stand

Texas officials discuss implementing a regional 211 information and referral system with neighboring states to better handle disasters.

Open Source

Not Your Average OS

Linux has been around just long enough to make believers out of some government agencies.

Point of View

Fair and Square?

Fair and Square?


Going Once, Going Twice ...

One Maryland county gets a charge out of reverse auctions.

Mending the Net

By sharing patients' medical data, Fort Wayne, Ind., "safety net" clinics can offer better care.

Geo Info

Can You Dig It?

GIS system stops redundant street excavations in Sacramento County, Calif.

CIO Profile

Michael Inman

CIO, Kentucky


Turks, Tribes and Trouble

Networked approaches may be trendy but tap lack of trust in government.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.

Product News


Visioneer, Acer, New Standard Keyboards, Unotron, Saitek, Kensington, G-Technology, Starkey Laboratories