September 2012

Merced Civic Center

How Small-Town America Cuts Energy Costs

Intelligent building technology lets even small cities on tight budgets save money while becoming more sustainable.

Sacramento Thinks Tech Savvy for New Airport Terminal (VIDEO)

After just over three years of construction, the new terminal at California’s Sacramento International Airport is a leader in operations and efficiency.


5 Ways Public Servants Can Stay on Track

Five ways public service is like the Olympics.

Four Questions

Technological Leadership Institute Director Envisions the Smart Grid

Massoud Amin discusses the smart grid’s sustainability and the future of energy consumption.


4 Big Cities Launch Shared Data Platform

San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle and New York launch new open data community on federal

Point of View

Websites for the Real World (Opinion)

Best of the Web winners know how to interact with citizens.

Case Studies

Virginia Turns to the Cloud for its Hosted E-Mail Archive

Virginia’s hosted email archiving saves time and aids e-discovery.

Time Warp Character Drives Up Online DMV Renewals

Colorado officials cite reduced DMV office traffic and increased organ donor sign-ups.

Public Safety

New York City Shows New Law Enforcement Technology

Officials believe a new situational awareness platform is a true one-stop shop for public safety data.

Special Report

2012 Best of the Web Award Winners Announced

Top honors go to Alabama; Orange County, Fla.; and Louisville, Ky.

Product News

New Products from Google, Samsung, Targus, Asus

Notebook computer, laptop sleeve, tablet, stylus.


Spectrum: iPhone Cancer Screening

Plus solar-powered kiosks and an airport avatar.