Agency: University of Alabama, Birmingham; Saline County, Ark.; Alameda, Los Angeles, Mendocino, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Clara, Shasta, Solano counties, Calif.- University of Colorado, Boulder; Meriden, Conn.; Orange County, Fla.; Georgia Technology Authority; Department of Human Services, Hawaii; Attorney General, Idaho; Department of Professional Regulation, Ill.; Unified Government of Wyandotte County, Kansas City, Kan.; Park Duvalle, Shawnee, Ky.; Louisiana State University; Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Maine; Anne Arundel County, Md.; University of Montana-Western; Secretary of State, Mich.; Office of Technology, Minn.; Southwest Missouri State University; Public Employees Retirement Board, Neb.; Clark County, Nev.; Rutgers University, Commission on Higher Education, N.J.; Educational Retirement Board, N.M.; North Carolina State University; Mayfield Middle School, Putnam City, Okla.; Lincoln City, Ore.; Department of Transportation, Penn.; Warwick Sanitation and Recycling Division, R.I.; Yankton School District, S.D.; Texas Parks and Wildlife; Department of Finance and Management, Vt.; Department of Transportation, Wash.; Waukesha County Register of Deeds Office, Wis.; Department of Environmental Protection, W.V.; National Association of State Chief Administrators; Purdue University; National Federation of the Blind; Federal Highway Administration;

Vendor: PeopleSoft; Novell; Conference of Western Attorneys General; National Association of State Chief Administrators; Keane; Microsoft; National Information Consortium; Digital Signature Trust; Tele-Works Inc.; Netlert; AMS; VFA; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Green Thumb Inc.;


The University of Alabama at Birmingham announced in September it would use digital certificate technology from Digital Signature Trust in applications ranging from human resources and grants administration to access control.


The state held a Privacy Summit for Alaskans in September to discuss the exchange of personal information via the Internet and whether new laws are needed to control such exchanges. - Anchorage Daily News


Residents and businesses in the state have a new resource for researching and choosing a telecommunications provider. The state's new online telecommunications directory profiles 150 Arizona telecommunications providers, including information on their services and contact information.


Saline County residents may now pay their taxes online . Taxpayers are prompted through a series of screens, at the end of which is a confirmation and receipt page that can be printed for users' records. The system is maintained on a secure server to ensure privacy, security and data integrity.


Secretary of State Bill Jones ordered nine counties to purchase new voting machines in September. By January 2006, the counties must replace punch-card systems now used by 55 percent of the state's voters. The counties affected are: Alameda, Los Angeles, Mendocino, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Clara, Shasta and Solano. - Los Angeles Times


The University of Colorado at Boulder is making facilities management easier. Officials use technology from VFA to quantify the campus' deferred maintenance backlog, store and update facilities condition assessment information and develop reports about the exponential growth of potential deferred maintenance costs over time.


Meriden awarded a contract to Tele-Works Inc. to install an Automated Citizen Information System, which will act as a 24-hour city hall. It is available through the telephone and the Internet and answers commonly asked questions about government topics and issues.


Gov. Ruth Ann Minner broadcast the state's prayer service held for victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks over the Internet in September. Several schools allowed students to view the service and Minner asked state agencies to give employees the opportunity to participate.


Orange County is beta testing a financial management system from AMS. The system will manage all of the county's major financial and procurement functions. The system includes Web-enabled business intelligence, reporting and query capabilities.


Participants in the CyberSisters Web Camp this summer created the Georgia Kids' Portal , an electronic door to topics